Butt Head

I confess. On July 1, I did something very foolish. I said – out loud – that it has been a pretty comfortable summer so far.

The Boy and I have a pretty comfortable house but our bedroom is in the attic extension. For about ten days a year, it gets really hot and hard to sleep up there. Those days started three days ago. Last night it was roughly 9,000 degrees upstairs and my back hurt. Sleep wasn’t going to happen.

Kitten Thunder and I came downstairs and sat on the couch for a while. I dozed on and off. At about 3 a.m., I woke up and we went upstairs and managed to fall asleep.

When the alarm went of at 6 a.m., I fed the cats and returned to the couch. I fell asleep almost immediately, sitting curled up against the back of the couch with my face in the breeze from the window.

When I woke up, Oliver was enjoying the smell-o-vision. His nose was against the screen and he stretched across the back of the couch. This his butt on top of my head and his tail resting along my neck. I was too tired to care and fell back asleep.

Later, when The Boy came through to tell us all goodbye, he mentioned to Oliver that he was wasting good smell-o-vision – at this point the grey kitten was turned with his back against the screen and his paws on my head.

I told The Boy that this was better. Much better.


4 responses to “Butt Head

  1. Dr. Prof. Bill sits on my face almost every morning. My husband says it’s wonderful that I offer this daily inspection service.

  2. hahahha! Awesome! And trying to sleep in the heat is an exercise in futility

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