It is mid March and sweeps week on OutTV. All of the best programming is on.

This is the week that Wrens in Bushes really gets going on the front window channels. And, because The Girl pays a lot of the actors with bread and seed, the shows in the dining room have also been good this week. Squirrel Upside Down on the Bird Feeder is a long show. It’s good for a whole afternoon of viewing.

Squirrels Climbing the Drainpipe is back on in The Boy’s office. This show gets Obi really excited. Several times, The Girl has had to walk into the room to see what all the racket was about. Obi like to watch this show alone, though, so he’ll lick his back and act nonchalant until she goes away.

We also had a new show this week that may turn out to be a favorite.


Squirrel by the Couch could be a smash hit if the viewership continues. And if The Girl will put more bread on that side of the house.


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