Dear Girl

Dear Girl,

I notice you’ve been going to the gym a lot lately. Please stop. First, there’s the whole “go” thing that I find troubling. But, must important, you are fluffy in all the right places for maximum kitten comfort.

Never change.




One response to “Dear Girl

  1. Man! Oliver, I tell’s ya dude! Ar Mama (she’s a girl too) has a gym in da basement so she doesn’t “go” out, yoo see wot I’m sayin’? But all doze nice soft spots she had to snuggle on? Well, now we’z might as well go lay on the bottom of da bafftub! Dey jus’ don’t fink about us at all doos dey?
    Hang in dere dude…
    Darius, Trey, Spencer, Milo, Murray ‘n’ Dharma

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