Alone in the Dark

This week has been a big one on the Thunder household. At least to me. Squeak sleeps for three or four hours at a time now. That means I get a decent night’s sleep.

That means it’s worth trying to sleep my bed instead of the bed in Squeak’s room.

Oliver LOVES this. 

Because the kittens are on guard duty. Oliver guards the Girl. Obi guards the baby. If I’m locked in the same room as Squeak, Kitten Thunder has to decide who is guarding from the box in the hall and who will guard from the floor.

If I’m in bed, Oliver can guard me… In the bed.

Also, if I’m going back upstairs I don’t necessarily need to close the door while Squeak is eating. I DO need to count noses before I go upstairs – I can’t tell you how many times the call for me to open the door has sounded through the baby monitor.  
I can tell you Oliver’s voice registers three bars on the volume meter on the monitor. That’s the red zone. The “your baby is serious” zone.

And, as long as I’m leaving the door open, Oliver can trust Obi to guard us both. He needs the extra rest, these days.

And Obi?

He’s got us covered.


It’s Squeak’s one-month birthday! The kittehs have decided to stick with Squeak as his name even though they now know he has a wide range of sounds. They considered other names like Oots and Grunt. Others, like “Blood Curdling Scream For No Reason” just don’t have the same ring to them.


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