What’s the point?

How to point at a squirrel on the point window sill:

Step 1 – Note the location of involved parties: Obi, Tubbo the Squirrel and self.

Step 2 – Point at the squirrel and say “Obi, Tubbo is behind you on the window sill.

Step 3 – Realize that, like thumbs, the ability to follow the line of a finger past its end and across the room to another object is unique to humans.

Step 4 – Hold up your pointing finger like there is something interesting on it.

Step 5 – Wait for Obi to jump from the mantle to the couch.

Step 6 – Using your interesting finger, lead the brown kitten to the back of the couch behind you.

Step 7 – Position the interesting finger so it is directly between Obi’s eyes and the window on the other side of the room.

Step 8 – Hide finger in fist.

Step 9 – Watch with satisfaction as the presence of Tubbo on the window sill registers in Obi’s little pudding brain.

Step 10 – Duck as brown kitten launches across the room.

Step 11 – Point at self and say, “I’m number one.”

4 responses to “What’s the point?

  1. The sad thing is, this strategy never works for me. Apparently I have really boring fingers.

    • Wha?!? I have never heard of such a thing. Kitten Thunder will at least look to see if my finger is interesting. Sometimes they are disappointed. Then I get a dirty look.

      • Neither cat will pay attention to a finger across the room. If I hold my fingers up near her face, Holly will lick them; Thunder will ignore them 80% of the time and give them a cursory sniff the rest of the time.

  2. all I get for pointing is very puzzled kittehs looking at my finger…

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