Bestest. Day. EVAH.

It is raining in Cheyenne. It has been raining since Monday. They now say it will continue to rain through Saturday. In my opinion, this is far better than the ridiculous high temperatures we’ve been having. My only concern is that the people of Cheyenne are solar powered; they can not maintain their high level of friendliness when we go this long without sun.

But my solar powered ness helped lead to yesterday: the bestest. Day. Evah.

First, the blanket is back on the bed and Oliver was still tucked in under my chin, purring away, when the breakfast bell went off. He stretched and waited almost patiently while The Boy and I whined about getting up when we were oh so cozy.

While feeding the kittehs, I realized I had a migraine. I found the couch, and a fuzzy blanket. I opened the window to let the cool air in. Oliver joined me a few minutes later.

And there we stayed.


And stayed.


And stayed.


And stayed.


Obi aura snuggled for a little while, but he was also having a good day. Because there was OutTV with Smell-o-Vision. And whatever was going on outside the dining room window?

The bestest program EVAH.



3 responses to “Bestest. Day. EVAH.

  1. Yay for the kitties! Boo for the migraine.

  2. Awwwww. I hope the intensive kitteh therapy cured your migraine.

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