The Cheese Test

I bought cheese at the grocery store on Sunday. A lot of cheese.

I figured The Boy had to be almost out of Swiss cheese for his sandwiches. On a whim, I got some provolone for me. And I got two packages of grated mozzarella for Monday’s pizza. Unfortunately, when I got home I realized we still had cheese. Lots of cheese.

But it gave us an opportunity to test out Obi’s opinion on a new cheese. 

I thought the mozzarella might have a chance because it was grated. So when Obi came begging – “please, Girl, I need the cheese! I love cheese! CHEESE ME!” – I grabbed a pinch from the bag and put it on his plate. He sniffed it. He glared at me. He sniffed it.

And the brown kitten stomped off in a huff.

He sent Oliver in to give me a second opinon. Sniff. Curious look. Sniff.

Nope. Not cheese.

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