Kitten Thunder Snapshots

This past week, a lady at work gave us all flowers. I enjoyed them at work but when the weekend came I knew I had to take them home. There was no sense putting them on the counter. Oliver loves flowers.

I just happened to grab the camera as Obi decided to attack the window. There’s a squirrel driving him nuts. And I think enjoying every minute.

I decided to show you Oliver’s favorite way to play. Obi decided he was tired of being filmed.

Second try. Oliver gets his spin on.


4 responses to “Kitten Thunder Snapshots

  1. Ha! Love the surprise twist ending of the third video.

  2. Obi’s tail is like a weapon.

    Also, people *really* love it when you tell them that your cat enjoyed eating the flowers they sent you.

  3. once the flowers are in my possession, their eventual fate is up to me. And the kittens discovered the mirror on my dresser last night… or, as they call it, “That other dimension full of cats.”

  4. Should bring my herd to your house for a workout…

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