Hello world! Greetings from glorious wet and overcast Wyoming. We have had big rain and cool temperature since Friday afternoon. It is a welcome change.

After a very eventful week, Obi is finally resting.

It started with the 4th of July. At the last minute The Boy and I decided to walk up the street to see the City firework display. We came back to the house to no cats. After a few minutes they appeared from the general direction of the basement. Oliver, surprisingly, was fine. Obi was freaked. FUH-reaked.

For two days he jumped at every sudden sound. He started at anything loud. It’s hard to nap when you’re jumpy.

It’s even harder to nap when you are jumpy and it is way too hot.

At last, it is not too hot. This brings on a whole new level of trouble for a brown kitten. Smell-o-vision is on! Every window is open. The birds are singing with new energy. There are bunnies everywhere.

Obi has been channel surfing at the speed of light. He ran from window to window to window all the way through nap time. It’s caught up to him.

Brown kitten is passed out on the loveseat.

Grey kitten, by the way, has a miller. He did NOT miss our nap.


4 responses to “Exhaust-o-vision

  1. Come by our blog to say Good Bye when you have time. We are done with the meowmoir. I want to thank you for being one of our first followers when we started.

  2. My dog wears a Thundershirt at such times… I wish cats would wear them too, but surely they would slash them to threads.

    • “A Thundershirt?” she asked. And then she Googled.

      So it’s like a portable hug for your dog? That is fascinating! But you are right about cats. It would cause way more stress to put it on than the thunder and fireworks do. Plus they probably have a super gravitational pull that would make them sink to the floor, immobile.

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