The Lexi Treatment

My parents, and my niece Lexi, are here for Cheyenne Frontier Days. Kitten Thunder is relieved to find out that company is the reason for the recent cleaning. They like company.

Lexi is interesting.

Obi thinks her toys are cool. She has a little plastic hermit crab that walks around on the floor. And her bag is full of neat stuff. Plus it smells like Cousin Puck.

Oliver agrees about the bag, but Lexi confuses him. She runs up to him and puts her hand on his head. He thinks she’s going to pet him and turns his face in anticipation.  But then she runs away. He watches her run away. He in disappointed and confounded.

They’ve only been here for a couple hours. More to come on Tuesday…


2 responses to “The Lexi Treatment

  1. How old is Lexi? At least Oliver is open to petting by Lexi. Sometimes Esme is ok with Radley petting her; other times she’s the one who runs away.

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