An Ocean of Cute


There are so many things that make Kitten Thunder cute. Little things. Things that can’t be stretched into a blog. Like right now when Obi is under the recliner and Oliver is on the rug – they are reaching out to each other, touching paws.

Then Oli leaves and there are just four black paws sticking out from the front of the chair.

And when Oliver takes a bath he is very thorough. He chews on his toe tips to get them really clean. It makes his nose wrinkle up. I love that.

Obi is coming down with a cold. He doesn’t just sneeze. He sneezes eight times in a continuous chain. And when he is done his fur has been shaken to full fluffy. I love that.

When Oliver wants to be picked up he stands up on his back feet and scratches on my pants pockets. Then I lift him, by the armpits, over my head and kiss his belly before holding him. He loves that. Then, if The Boy comes near, Oli will lean back so he is being held by both of us. We love that.

Obi loves his belly rubs from The Boy. But they aren’t just belly rubs. Obi will walk around the room, chin marking the things he values. The Boy. The coffee table. The other corner of the coffee table. The Boy. The recliner. The doorway. The Boy. And me.

When I rub Obi’s belly, it very quickly becomes a flurry of kicking and biting. But biting mingled with kisses so I know that he loves me.

Obi now reads over my shoulder while we work. He’s beginning to like sharing his chair.

Both cats Super Nap. That is what we call it when they stretch their front arms out as far as they can while they sleep.

Who doesn’t love a Super Nap?


4 responses to “An Ocean of Cute

  1. That old saying is true: the whole is cuter than the sum of its adorable parts.

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