Bath Brothers

Oliver and Obi love each other. Several times a day, Oliver – he who loves to bathe – will allow Obi to help him. Obi likes to wash Oli’s ears for him.

This morning, both kittens were on my chest. Oliver leaned forward and started washing Obi’s head. Obi leaned back and started trying to lick Oliver’s chin. The grey kitten put out a paw in a kind of “no, it is your turn,” manner. And the cuteness ensued.

Really close to my face.

IMG_20140206_122210_002 IMG_20140206_122218_157 IMG_20140206_122238_180 IMG_20140206_122243_109 IMG_20140206_122315_994


One response to “Bath Brothers

  1. Bathing etiquette is complicated with my cats. When Holly was still alive, Thunder would bathe her several times a day, but she never, ever bathed Thunder. These days a typical bathing session is about 0-25% Seffie bathing Thunder, 0-5% both cats bathing each other simultaneously, and 70-100% Thunder bathing Seffie.

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