Cookie Monster

Obi takes his job of being a little brother very seriously. Sometimes, he extends his bratty tricks to more than just Oliver. Today, he tried them on me.

"Tuna chip cookies are my favorite."

I had some tea and peanut butter cookies on the coffee table in the living room. Obi came up to give me a quick hug and use me as a stool to look out the window. And then he spotted them. Cookies!

From my lap he stretched over to the table to sniff my cookies. I told him no. He jumped down to the floor and put his feet on the table to sniff the cookies. I told him no. And here’s where little brother training kicked in: he reached up and put a paw on my stack of cookies.

You don’t want them now that I’ve touched them, right?” He met my eyes with a look of victory.

I reached over and wrapped my cookies in their paper towel. Yes, I did.

Time to pull out the stops on this: he BIT my cookies.

You don’t want them with my spit on them, right?

Luckily, no cat spit penetrated the paper towel. Later, Obi did have his chance at a cookie when a good sized chunk fell off my cookie and rolled under the couch. Now I’ll put up with a cat paw or a little kitten spit, but I’ve seen what’s under that couch. Deal. Breaker.

I fished it out for Obi. He sniffed. He licked. He walked away.

I hate cookies.

6 responses to “Cookie Monster

  1. LOL. I think every cat owner has gone through some variation of “I want it. I want it! I WANT IT! I WANT IT!!! I WANT — Ewww. Who would want that?”

  2. I have found that the more I tell the furry chirrun “No, honey, cats don’t eat that,” the more they want it. Up to and including spaghetti sauce.

  3. Haha! We once had a kitten who eyed our tuna sarnies on the table, i told her no, she was not allowed on the coffee table three time and the little genius leapt from the sofa across the table to the floor using her back paw to knock a sandwich onto the floor – i let her have it – she was far too smart to be punished, after all she never touched the table to get her sandwich.

  4. Talent like that must be rewarded.

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