Oh, woe is the Thunder

Obi was helping me put away the pile of laundry that tends to grow on the guest bed between visitors. When I opened the door to my sweater closet he followed me in. I looked down at him, sniffing at the shoes on the floor, and wondered if  he remembered that the ceiling to this closet is open.

Surely, by now, he has forgotten how to climb the wall to get to the opening between the main floor and the basement ceiling. Surely I can go get more sweaters before he gets up there.

You would think I’d stop believing any of my thoughts that begin with “surely.”

I arrived back at the closet just as Obi reached the top of the rungs to the ceiling. The only reason I caught him in time is that he climbed the wrong side of the closet.

His punishment? Kisses on the head and a hug.


The Boy will be out of town on his birthday so we celebrated his unbirthday yesterday. The Boy got a new toaster oven – I am nothing if not romantic. Kitten Thunder got a big bag and some bright blue tissue paper.


I fully intended to clip the handles on the bag before I left the room. But surely they would be okay while we were sitting right there.

Have I mentioned the luck I have with “surely”?

In a sudden flurry of flying fur and paper, the evil gift bag chased Obi out of the living room. He escaped in the hallway.

The bag’s punishment? It is torn almost in half and its handles are clipped. Obi has forgiven it.


This morning, while I was upstairs brushing my teeth, I noticed Oliver giving laser beam eyes of hatred to…The Boy’s duffle bag. How dare it be out? How dare it be packed?!?

The duffle’s punishment? None. It escaped just in time.


It’s Thunder Thursday! Today we introduce the fuzzies of Alice, The Boy’s sister. She has had the adorable Oliver, handsome dog, for a while. And Oliver’s new associate is Eliot. Alice says he likes the nip…but it looks a lot like he’s a beer man.


One response to “Oh, woe is the Thunder

  1. What is it with cats and gift bags? I don’t buy Esme anything for Christmas because the bags and tissue paper are more fun for her.

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