OutTV: Name That Tune



Clunk clunk




Clunk clunk



So? Do you know the song?

Give up?


It’s the theme song to Jeff Mows The Lawn, of course!

In this very special episode, The Boy asks Jeff if he’ll just mow our lawn too, while he’s at it. No cliffhanger here; Jeff politely refuses.


8 responses to “OutTV: Name That Tune

  1. Ha ha ha… that is guffaw out loud funny. I wanted to let you know that I introduced my pet sitter to the term “Out TV” tonight. Your terminology is spreading in the Seattle area! And yes, I try to give proper credit since you came up with the term.

    It’s pretty funny to get a cat’s eye view of someone mowing the lawn in a different part of the country.

  2. Jeff refused to do an encore? That’s mean.

    • Right? I mean sure, he has a corner lot and a push mower and it was 90 degrees. And we have a tiny lot and a motorized mower. But seriously – CROSSOVER PROGRAM OPPORTUNITY! We haven’t had a program crossover since that very special episode of The Girl Shovels Snow where I bravely shoveled all the way to Jeff’s corner.

  3. I was expecting a guest visit from the newest member of the family. 😦

  4. Do you think Jeff will mow my lawn?

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